Tri Cahaya Linuwih

About Us


The development of a country's infrastructure is supported by the State institution itself, the private sector
and society. We PT Tri Cahaya Linuwih also want participate to build the country
with a spirit of nationalism work in the field of Supplier Services
in various sectors by promoting quality.


Being a reliable Supplier Service Company.


1. Providing total solution service for the customers’ needs and satisfaction
2. Having competitive products in the market competition
3. Having professional human resources in their fields
4. Providing employees’ welfare
5. Having financial independence for operation and investment expenses

Provide a diverse selection of Castrol industrial lubricant products

PT Tri Cahaya Linuwih supplies consumers and manufactures across the country with high quality commercial lubricants. Our wholesale inventory has supplied quality lubricants, greases, and oils to businesses with delivery options designed to meet the needs of any size operation

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